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This section will highlight new publications and developments within the education arena. _______________________________________________________________________


The chapter I co-authored with Bruce Cooper and Frances Spielhagan is published in Don’t Fence Me In: Essays on the Rational Truant.  The book is highlighted below while its cover is featured above.   



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Bruce S. Cooper, Frances R. Spielhagen & Stephen Coffin


Truancy is rampant in U.S. schools, as students “cut class” and “skip school” in alarming numbers.[1] This problem is serious, as our research [2] has shown, and indicates a mounting difficulty with the schools’ ability to meet students’ needs – and even to get them to come to school on a regular and reliable basis, and then to attend classes once students are registered as “present” in school.


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[2] Guare & Cooper, 2003.




Cooper, B. S., Spielhagen, F. R., & Coffin, S. (2009). Fighting truancy with consumer choice in education. In M. P. Conolly & D. O’Keeffe (Eds.), Don’t Fence Me In: Essays on the Rational Truant. Buckingham, England: University of Buckingham Press.


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